907 Financial, LLC

...and serving as an accountability partner for its clients. Owner, Travis Gularte, comes from a long line of proud Alaska Natives including his great-aunt, Elizabeth Peratrovich. With his Tlingit and Yupik ancestry, he has a great interest in providing financial education to further elevate local nativ... More

Are You Forgetting Something? End of Year Tips and To Dos

...can meet with there Alaska Small Business Development Center Business Adviser, review the financial performance of the business and estimate where they are going to be by December 31. Then the business owner can meet with their CPA before the tax rush of the new year, and take the guess work out of h... More

Wylie Inc.

...DC has provided constant mentorship and advice throughout every step of the startup process,” said Rogers. “Their guidance helped me meet key people who specialize in business processes willing to assist me in growing my company. I can always count on Russ and the SBDC for honest and valuable advice.... More

Legal Aspects: Buying & Selling a Business

...are the main methods. Book Value This sounds easy enough. Just check the balance sheet and you’re good to go. But this formula doesn’t account for intangible assets like reputation and goodwill. In some cases that’s okay. It works well if you’re just starting out or are marginally profitable in a hig... More

Hot Licks Homemade Ice Cream

Grand Opening: Hot Licks Homemade Ice Cream If you mention Hot Licks to a Fairbanks local, their eyes will sparkle and they’ll have a happy memory to share from the award-winning shop. Serving homemade ice cream, sundaes, and shakes since 1986, Hot Licks has perfected their homemade small-batch meth... More

Ohlson Mountain Mineral Springs

...ound themselves needing. Ohlson Mountain Mineral Springs is thriving in the Alaskan market as the only locally owned and operated spring water service on the Kenai Peninsula. They offer direct delivery to consumers along with water dispenser rentals. They can be found online at http://ohlsonmountainm... More