907 Financial, LLC

...has constructed financial plans and coached numerous clients through different phases of their lives. Regardless of a client’s tax bracket, annual income, net worth, investable assets, or other parameters that might prevent them from working with a financial professional, 907 Financial is dedicated... More

Are You Forgetting Something? End of Year Tips and To Dos

...ar, and take the guess work out of how much will you and/or your business owe in taxes based on your estimated net profit for the year. Most importantly, the business owner and CPA can use this year end estimate of net profit to do some tax planning and determine if it is beneficial for the business... More

Seward CARES Act Funds Relief Program

...Manager at (907) 224-4047 or manager@cityofseward.net. The City would like to thank those who assisted in the development of this final program, including the Kenai Peninsula Economic Development District (KPEDD), the Alaska Small Business Development Center (SBDC) and the Seward Chamber of Commerce... More

Wylie Inc.

...DC has provided constant mentorship and advice throughout every step of the startup process,” said Rogers. “Their guidance helped me meet key people who specialize in business processes willing to assist me in growing my company. I can always count on Russ and the SBDC for honest and valuable advice.... More

Legal Aspects: Buying & Selling a Business

...er becomes an employee, then treat him or her as you would any other employee by providing an employment contract or an at-will offer. Make sure to specify their duties. If the ex-owner is a consultant, then make sure to negotiate an independent contractor agreement. Sometimes the business will have... More

Hot Licks Homemade Ice Cream

...ful treats! Keep cool this summer with Hot Licks and meet Jennifer and Jedidiah at 3453 College Rd in Fairbanks! You can also visit Hot Licks at https://www.hotlicks.net/ and on Facebook .  ... More

Ohlson Mountain Mineral Springs

...Kenai Peninsula. They offer direct delivery to consumers along with water dispenser rentals. They can be found online at http://ohlsonmountainmineralspringsh2o.com .  ... More