907 Financial, LLC

...ardless of a client’s tax bracket, annual income, net worth, investable assets, or other parameters that might prevent them from working with a financial professional, 907 Financial is dedicated to empowering them. I have the knowledge and experience it takes to help others find their financial freed... More

Are You Forgetting Something? End of Year Tips and To Dos

...our business owe in taxes based on your estimated net profit for the year. Most importantly, the business owner and CPA can use this year end estimate of net profit to do some tax planning and determine if it is beneficial for the business to purchase equipment or make other expenditures and acquisit... More

Seward CARES Act Funds Relief Program

...tion. Submit applications to manager@cityofseward.net Seward Area Non-Profits can apply under the Seward City Council authorized program which also opens Monday, July 27, 2020. Questions on this program can be directed to the City Manager at (907) 224-4047 or manager@cityofseward.net. The City would... More

Wylie Inc.

...on has had to adapt to the new speed by using the net to push off from to move around the goalmouth area. Thus the need arose for a stronger peg that would allow goalies to fully utilize the goal area. After an injury in 2012, Rogers went back to school and quickly graduated with his MBA in 2014. He... More

Legal Aspects: Buying & Selling a Business

...thod takes the average of yearly earnings such as net profit or EBITDA (three years is a good number) and chooses a multiplier of that number. This method works well for businesses that have operated for a long time, have consistent profits, and have a good future. The multiplier depends on the indus... More

SBA Administrator Honors Nation’s Top Small Businesses

...the private sector and creating two out of three net new jobs. If our small business sector was a country, its output would rank number three above Germany and Japan. I’m looking forward to welcoming these talented entrepreneurs to their nation’s capital and celebrating their stories to shine a ligh... More

Ohlson Mountain Mineral Springs

...fic NAICs code, which was used to request an SBDC.net search to gather market research on similar businesses to include in the business plan. Strutz and Zak reviewed the plan which Strutz then took to a loan officer to discuss funding options. “Working with Bryan Zak at the SBDC went fantastic” said... More