PMEH Consulting

PMEH Consulting: Industrial Hemp
Diversifying Alaska’s Economy

PMEH Consulting strives to provide manufacturing services of earth-friendly homes in Alaska and as a relatively new endeavor, it is changing the way people build sustainable and affordable housing by using hemp as the main source of building materials.

Jack Bennett began working with the Alaska Small Business Development Center (Alaska SBDC) three years ago and since then has received assistance with establishing an entity status, marketing assistance, and pointers on working with local, borough, and state governmental agencies to advocate for policy-related to industrial hemp production in Alaska. Bennett worked with the South West Region Director, Bryan Zak, on developing presentations and a marketing plan to build a network for this new industry in the state he loves.

About his entrepreneurial journey, he shared, “I have been engaged with the services at the Homer SBDC since September 2015. I learned how to set up a business plan, business license, prepare MOUs, network at conferences, and make introductions. These small business tools I learned and put to work enabled me to create high trust relationships with Statehood, Alaska Tribal Governments, and Commercial Investors. I shaped a consulting company and began to advise the Governor, lawmakers, state agriculture, and Alaska tribal governments.”

With his hard work, Bennett was able to play an instrumental role in the passing of Alaskan legislation to begin commercial applications in this new industry. By launching his own business and advocating for eco-friendly and affordable housing options, he has also created jobs and a new state economy.

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