Onsite Wellness Network LLC

AOWN-Logo-vertical-1Onsite Wellness Network, owned by Maceo Melton, is an Alaskan business with a mission of bringing a holistic approach to corporate wellness programs. They offer services such as body movement, healthy relationships, stress management and nutritional awareness and specialize in developing a customized wellness program that aligns with the overall initiative of their client.

Katherine Gottlieb, Southcentral Foundation CEO, was one of the first to offer Onsite Wellness Network services to her employees. Gottlieb was impressed with the professional and trustworthy service she received and was pleased with her choice to try out this new business.

Before opening his practice, Melton attended several classes with the AKSBDC including Starting a Business and Brilliant Marketing. He then worked with our Business Advisors on finding a niche in the AlaMaceo Profile 2.jpgskan wellness industry and on ways to sell his service to mid to large companies whose employees could benefit from the services.

“Small Business Development Center has been a tremendous asset for me in the growth and development of my company. The knowledgeable staff was consistent and patient in my process of organizing a good idea to a profitable business. Having an objective perspective involved was paramount in establishing my niche in an ever growing industry” said Melton.

Onsite Wellness Network recently launched their website, where you can find a full menu of services offered and more information about how offering these services can help companies reduce turnover, increase morale and retain the best employees.