Alaska Flying Adventures

40,000 Foot Startup: Alaska Flying Adventures

Alan Carpenter has been passionate about flying for over forty years. With decades of experience in commercial and general aviation, he felt well prepared to open Alaska Flying Adventures. Specializing in add-on float plane ratings and sightseeing tours, Alaska Flying Adventures caters to pilots looking to maintain their licensure as well as tourists who want to see Alaska from a different point of view.

Knowing that experience is key, Alan ventured into the Alaska Small Business Development Center to meet with Julie Nolen who has been consulting with the SBDC since 2009 and has been involved in small business ownership from a very early age.

Together, Alan and Julie worked through the business plan and identified potential barriers that could affect the business in the early stages and worked through the numbers to ensure the business would work financially.

“Ten short months ago I was introduced to Julie Nolen and the services offered by the SBDC. The Starting a Business class was an exciting, fun and eye-opening education, exposing me to many of the necessary steps one needs to take on the road to starting a successful business,” said Alan. “Potential stumbling blocks such as developing a business plan, accounting, payroll, taxes, business licenses, legal, and marketing were explained to me by Julie. Her hands-on approach to spreadsheets showed me how my business could grow and sustain itself. That was exciting!”

Julie was also able to tap into the SBDC’s tools and resources to help Alan through the planning stages even when he was out of state.

“With our first flying season now behind us, I can say without reservation that the SBDC’s assistance was paramount in our success this year. I look forward to growing my business by working with the SBDC”

Alaska Flying Adventures friendly and qualified staff, convenient locations in Anchorage and Mat-Su Valley and excellent training syllabus, guarantee successful and rewarding experiences for their clients. Learn more by visiting their website.