Building and Maintaining Effective Relationships with Your Employees

Effective relationships between managers and employees are vital to the performance of a company.  The quality of manager and employee relationships can impact organizational outcomes such as profits, customer service, job satisfaction, etc.  A climate of good relationships between managers and employees can help recruit quality staff, and can keep employee turnover low. Having a … Continue reading "Building and Maintaining Effective Relationships with Your Employees" More

Legal Aspects: Buying & Selling a Business

The 2013 BizBuySell report stated a dramatic increase in small business sales in 2013. What’s caused the increase? The increase is due mainly to aging owners, a spillover of sales held off in the recession, a stronger economy, more qualified business owners, and an improvement in small business performance. This trend should continue into 2014. … Continue reading "Legal Aspects: Buying & Selling a Business" More

The Truth About Small Business Grants

Starting a small business can be challenging, especially when funding is an issue. Although the economy has started to improve, lenders are still cautious when it comes to lending money. Obtaining funding for Start-up businesses, which are defined as less than 24 months of operations, can be especially tricky. One of the most common inquiries … Continue reading "The Truth About Small Business Grants" More